Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020

We already know that during Samsung’s CES 2013, a prototype mobile device that used flexible AMOLED display technology was shown to the public, Samsung also demonstrated its vision of future smartphone devices. Samsung is working on a Next flagship smartphone with rollable OLED screen (flexible screen) and According to rumors that would be the Samsung Flex 2020.⠀

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Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020 Specification:⠀

The Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020 coming up may change the whole game. Notably, the highlight of this flagship is its rollable OLED screen, which can turn into a bracelet! According to what we learned, rollable OLED screens already exist and could be used on this device. In details, it is a flexible screen with extra bending power compared to a regular display panel. Besides, the new Galaxy 2020 is a slab of flexible glass that can wrap around your wrist and become a watch. Moreover, the Flex 2020 specs got a 6.5 inch Quad HD flexible panel with a fingerprint scanner integrated within the panel. Under the hood, the handset provides 8GB of RAM and 128/512 GB of storage available. On the other side, the Samsung flagship equips an Exynos 10 Series CPU. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy 2020 camera includes a dual camera module with 23 MP + 16 MP sensors (F/1.5-2.4 aperture). Besides, the optics supports super slow motion video at 960 FPS and dual LED Flash. Unfortunately, there is no selfie sensor due to the bezel-less display. Also, the Flex packs a 3300 mAh battery and Android Oreo 9.0.⠀

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020 release date and price:⠀

Samsung already hinted that this was going to be a limited edition and expensive product. Thus, a $2199 tag for the Samsung Flex 2020 price wouldn’t be that weird. However, we need to wait until the next two years, but it worth waiting.

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