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Indoor LED Grow Light

Indoor LED Grow Light


The idea of growing your own plants and being self-sufficient is a great idea! But unless you live outside an urban city environment, that’s probably not happening. The Spigo Indoor LED Hydroponic Unit/Grow Light is the perfect solution to satisfy your “green thumb” abilities with your eco-responsibility. The Spigo LED light garden will let you grow a few plants at a time. 

It’s meant to grow herbs, such as basil, lemon mint, peppermint, thyme, grass, parsley, nettle plants, and succulents, and cacti plants. If you grow herbs they can be used for cooking. The garden is great for decorating with mini plants, lovely succulents, and colorful small stones. Plants provide air filtering, plants can absorb organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, releasing oxygen and clean air. The design of the Spigo LED light garden is sleek and stylish, and small enough that you won’t have to worry about how much space it might take up.


A great for a kitchen countertop or an office desk! 


The Spigo light garden comes with an integrated light controller, that provides 8 hours of white light, and 8 hours of grow fuchsia light, and 8 hours of off mode. The LED lights also dim to adjust how bright or dim your plants or you like it by holding down the on button. The on/off button is a touch switch for easy use. The light garden comes complete with the light garden, soil pot, water gauge, and AC adapter.

Now, how many questions do not? Spigo huerta interior..

  • The advancement of technology is well up to thes
  • It will be really sustainable

  • Will you have the success you are looking for and on a large scale?

Si tenemos en cuenta que ya existen “edificios Jardin” como los encontramos en la Singapur quizas podremos tener tambien plantas autosuficientes…  si les interesa la ecologia y este tipo de nuevo desarrollo arquitectonico…  recomiendo leer el siguiente post sobre Jardines en Singapur

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